Ludo-medical application in augmented reality


Used by the French Red Cross, this series of applications is focused on welcoming and helping children in hospitals, from discovering the hospital and its medical staff to reducing pain in small medical procedures.


The universe

The Minidocs show the children around the hospital, accompanying them from the reception desk to the doctor's office, via the playroom of course. A treasure hunt that makes the visit to the hospital less dramatic.

Ludo-medical application in augmented reality

It hurts when the Doctor makes the sting... What if we sprayed it with a fire truck? Developed in partnership with Semsitivity, Jérôme Laurent, nurse in charge of pain management at the CHIREC hospital centre and health professionals, Vr4Child is a medical aid application for children aged 3 and over that is included in Hospigame. It helps reducing the pain during smaller procedures. This application has demonstrated its effectiveness in clinical trials: playing reduces the sensation of pain in children. But while playing, the child remains connected to the care through augmented reality.

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