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For many years, the non-profit organisation Natagora has been organising biodiversity awareness workshops throughout the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In order to raise awareness of the importance of preserving biodiversity, the idea emerged to create a game to put this theme back at the heart of the interplanetary space. Nowatera is a universe of science-fiction and ecology for junior high school students. By becoming the manager of a new virgin planet, the player must face all the pitfalls posed by the preservation of the natural environment. Nowatera offers a unique adventure to discover the challenges and mechanisms of biodiversity and the balance between species, both on the web and in physical form with a game board.


The universe

In the near future, a vast program has been set up to send settlers to new virgin planets. The first land they find is the planet “Nowatera”. Teams of scientists on Earth will help these pioneers make the right decisions in order not to reproduce the mistakes of the past.

Scenario Board Game

Educate a young audience through a stimulating adventure that gives them a voice! This tool is the "physical" version of the web game and is perfectly suited for use by a teacher or animator. In this more "role-playing" version, participants must defend a particular position involving the future of the planet Nowatera. They put themselves in the shoes of an expert and try to make the best ecological decisions using good arguments. Interested ? Ordering is just one click away : check out the Natagora website!

Web game

In the Web version of Nowatera, the player is invited to solve important ecological problems: apple trees do no longer bear fruit, there are incursions of wild animals into the vegetable garden... Each problem calls for specific ecological concepts and calls for a clean solution. It is up to the player to dive into the database and conduct his investigation with the various characters of the game in order to propose the most optimal solution!

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