Destination clients

Card Game and mobile application

Cards and Tablet

This gamified training tool combines a mobile application and playing cards with the assistance of a trainer. It offers SNCF agents the opportunity to project themselves into different situations involving customers issues during their travel. The choices posed through the cards impact the reactions of the customers, which is visible on the screen of the tablet. How to react in order to maintain an optimal customer relationship? Time is provided throughout the game for the trainees to discuss their decisions. Destination clients was created in partnership with


The elements of the game

Destination clients consists of two types of cards: Action cards, identical for each scenario, and Situation cards that are unique to each situation. Thanks to a mobile application on a tablet, an exchange then takes place between an agent and the virtual customer involved in the situation.

The gameplay

Action cards allow agents to choose a behavior in front of a client: introduce themselves, listen to them, make an announcement... These cards allow them to draw situation cards that refer to the mobile application, which shows the customer's reaction. It is then up to the players to choose a new action and change the situation towards a happy ending.

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